Thursday, February 14, 2013

Customer Incentives

  1. Sales over $20.00, I may toss in a lotion or bath wash.
  2. If a customer gives me three new customers names and numbers, I will give them a discount on their order.
  3. When they refer a recruit, I will offer them a bath & body bundle when that recruit submits her first $100.00 order.
  4. If she passes some brochures around to different places, I will give her a surprise gift in with her order, due to the fact that we don't know if an order will come from her passing them around, but that she took time from her schedule to do, I offer as a Thank You Gift.
  5. When she places three consecutive orders with me, I will offer her a credit on her next order.
  6. When they tell me about an event and I get my name signed up for it, I may have never known about it, if my customer hadn't told me.
  7. If they ask me to do a fundraiser or refer me, I will base the incentive on sales.
  8. If they book an in home show or book show, they will get a free Thank You Gift just for having me in their home.
  9. If they become my helper, they will always have a set discount with me.
  10. If they sign up to sell AVON after having been my customer, they get a choice of certain gifts from the brochure. 

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